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Beer Release: Saved By The Kettle Collaboration


Join us at The Fargo Brewing Taproom on Friday, May 17th at 12pm for the 2nd release of our collaboration project with our neighbors across the river at Junkyard Brewing Company!  
For this collaboration, we came together to craft two uniquely different IPAs using similar ingredients. 
The 2nd release in our collaboration is Saved By The Kettle! This Brut Style IPA is brewed with Nelson Sauvin and Waimea hops and a new hybrid yeast that helped achieve a super dry, effervescent and refreshingly crisp beer that epitomizes what a Brut Style IPA is all about! 
Normally Brut Style IPAs are brewed using extra enzymes which break down the more complex sugars in beer so that any normal ale yeast can eat those sugars, resulting in a very dry beer. However, when we got together to work out how we should do our Brut style IPA, we all liked the idea of experimenting with a newly available yeast variety to achieve the maximum dryness we were looking for in this half of the collaboration. This yeast, called “Gulo” Ale yeast, is a hybrid of an Irish Ale yeast and a Saison yeast. The Saison genetics give it the ability to eat up nearly all the fermentable sugars making the beer super dry while the Irish Ale genetics cancel out the typical phenolic flavor profile of the Saison yeast (phenolic = clove, pepper, banana etc...) for a finish with a clean yeast profile, having no major esters or phenolic flavors.
On the other side of the river, Junkyard will be releasing a New England Style IPA on Friday, May 10th called, “Full Brewhouse!” This IPA is also brewed with Nelson Sauvin and Waimea hops! True to style, this NEIPA is a juicy, lush and dank contrast to the crisp and clean Brut that still mirrors the sweet, complex, and fruity flavors brought through by the powerhouse of hops used in both beers. To really tie these beers together, we also brewed them each with Sauvignon Blanc grape juice that showcases the Nelson Sauvin Hops and their beautiful similarities while calling to light what makes each separate style of beer different and exemplary!

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