Seasonal and Limited Releases


Great Scot!

60 Barrels released on April 20th, annually.

1.21 Gigahops is dominated by tropical fruit, citrus, and pine notes. Hops are added to the mash and first wort along with huge late hop additions including dry hopping seven pounds per barrel. The result is an intensely hoppy beer that remains very drinkable.  The way we see it, if you’re going to make a  double IPA...Why not do it with some style?




The Aqua Cops are here!

40 Barrels released in early July, annually.

As summer arrives, we turn our attention towards lighter, more refreshing options.  Aqua fits the bill perfectly.  This wheat ale is conditioned on apricots for a smooth light beer, with just a hint of sweetness. It has very little hop aroma or bitterness, making it the perfect crushable summertime beer.  Enjoy this limited summer seasonal while you can.


Taste the Haze!

20 Barrels limited release.

Haze Craze is our hazy IPA style that is huge on juicy, citrus hop aroma and flavor!  The hazy appearance comes from the aggressive amount of late-hop and dry-hop additions of Mosaic,  Galaxy,  and  Citra.  The combination of these late addition hops produces an easy drinking beer that is low on bitterness and big on flavor.  The hop haze is rolling in!



Hello Summer!

Released May-August annually.

Summer days are a precious commodity in Fargo and perfect for enjoying a  refreshing  Kenny’s  Lemonade.  Made by infusing our award-winning Fargo  Original Lager with our own sparkling lemonade,  Kenny’s  Lemonade Radler is not too sweet and not too tart.  Enjoy summer in a can  (or glass)!

FBC-Can-Lunar-Haze (1).png


Bark at the Moon.

20 barrel limited release.

Lunar Haze is a  New England style IPA that has a cloudy appearance and huge hop character.  We used Mandarina Bavaria and Citra hops in the boil and double dry hopped this tasty goodness with  Galaxy.  The addition of lactose brings a touch of sweetness and creamy mouthfeel.  The result is a hazy,  juicy  IPA bursting with fruity and floral flavors.



Can you say  Mango?  Our favorite American  Pale Ale juiced up with some fresh mango!  The aroma is thick with mango, tropical fruit and grapefruit, while the flavor is a huge rush of hop character; combining citrus,  floral, and resin notes with smooth, balanced bittering.  Mango  Iron Horse is a  great,  sessionable, tropical fruit that can be enjoyed all day long!  


We have many more experimental and limited releases forthcoming, keep an eye out for updates!