Masla Wala Winter Warmer now available!


Has the cold weather got you feeling blue? Do you need something to warm the bones? Be sure to grab a pint or six pack or this limited release while you can. This brew is a big, boozy, dream come true. Weighing in at 8.5% ABV and a mere 24 IBUs, this deep amber ale is boosted by a robust malt recipe designed to hold the weight of a specially crafted spice mix of ground ginger and cardamom reminiscent of Masala Chai. Add a touch of lactose for a bit a creaminess, and you have yourself one beautiful winter warmer. As creamy and sweet as your favorite winter drink. 

*We have been asked to note that this beer does not actually cause warmth and assuming so may be a hazard.
It's just boozy, delicious, and perfect for the cold weather!